what the great, great, great, grandchildren say…

My church recently started a monthly Bible study. At the beginning of October we had our very first meeting. Before we met we were asked to read the book of Genesis and to write down any revelations and questions we had.

Pastor John-Michael (J.M.) led this Bible study and revealed more to me about the beginning of creation (through studying and research of his own, other well-known theories, and the revelation of God) than I have ever heard, thought about, or learned in my 26 years of living. The ninety minute study was much too SHORT to digest the entire book of Genesis… but we did our best.

At one point J.M. asked us all to focus on the lineage listed in Genesis 5. He started with Adam and gave us the meanings for each name following. Adam means “man“, Adam’s son Seth’s name means “appointed“, Enosh means “mortal“, Kenan means “sorrow“, Mahalel means “the blessed God“, Jared means “shall come down“, Enoch means “teaching“, Methuselah means “his death will bring“, Lamech means “sorrow” (yes, a different name still meaning sorrow), Noah means “comfort.”

And that is where they end the line of lineage in chapter 5. Now do me a favor and read that paragraph again, only this time, JUST read the meanings of the names. J.M. had one person read aloud these meanings during the study, and about the time Kelly got to “shall come down” there was a collective gasped across the room. “Study the old testament guys,” J.M. replied. “Jesus is all over it.”

For those of you who might be confused let me put the bold words side by side:

“Man appointed mortal sorrow the blessed God shall come down teaching his death will bring sorrow comfort.”

put THAT in your back pocket!


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