here’s to another 36 years mom and dad!


A couple days ago my parents celebrated their 36 wedding anniversary. They got married in 1975. That even SOUNDS COOL. I mean 1975? I don’t know why, but I just love those numbers, making up that year. This is all besides the point really.

My unnie (sorry, Korea is infiltrating me, that is “older sister” all of my brothers -besides Josh- would say “noona” I just love that word… “noona” also… besides the point) wrote an AMAZING blog post about my parents. I read it, and realized she captured it beyond perfect. So instead of telling you how amazing my parents are in my words, please check out:

My Unnie’s Post.

I don’t know if my sister mentions that my parents produced writers as well, but after reading this post you will realize that most definitely did! I love, LOVE, where I come from.

(the picture in the post is one I took… just to grab photo credit^^ totally unashamed, I LOVE PICTURES!)






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