Swallow the Ocean

The title of this post is the same title of the book I just finished reading (and if you are wondering how I have time to read, well… I ride the subway a lot okay?!), and it was a good book. So, I might not have time to enthrall all of you with well crafted blog posts… but my family and friends seem to be providing me with all the material I need.

I DO have a lot to say and entertain everyone with, because I have never been so busy in my whole life (and coming from someone who held four jobs down while taking 17 credit hours during a semester of college, that is saying something)… and that may be the reason why I have no time to do it.

For now… check out my friends post about us! (ArtBox is exactly what the name implies!)

My Friend’s Blog- CLICK HERE, DO IT!


One thought on “Swallow the Ocean

  1. Love it!! Hahaha..thanks for putting the link to my post! Btw…I finished the book last weekend..and I really liked it! We’ll have to talk about it some more sometime! Now..i just need to read Moneyball…hehehehe

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