I am not a pet person.

I can’t tell you why. I don’t know. I love cute things, and small things, and soft things. I am just not attached to pets, and relating to people who are very extremely attached to their pets used to be really difficult for me. It’s not so bad now. Because of Dustie Jack. She is my family’s dog, but even with her, it took over nine years of my family owning her for me to actually like her.

So, you can imagine my support when my friend decides she needs to check out the guinea pigs at our local supermarket (yeah, in Korea you can buy almost anything… anywhere, except limes. Those are very, very hard to find) because it is better to own two guinea pigs and she only has one (whom she has had for two years). I decided to go buy my avocados and left Dyanne in the pet section. Then, I forgot what an avocado looks like, who forgets what an avocado looks like? Well, I did. I knew it was green. Thank goodness for Steve Jobs (I want to say may he rest in peace right now, but I want it to sound really respectful, because I really mean it) as I just whipped out my iPhone and google imaged avocados and then showed it to a worker.

By the time I went back to the pet section Dyanne was still waiting for someone to help her. Great, I didn’t miss anything. As we left the store Dyanne asked if I wanted to hold Junior (or A.J. for Ashes Junior…guess what her other guinea pig’s name is?), I declined.

(dyanne with her new pet)

I held him eventually.


4 thoughts on “Junior

  1. And with a smile on your face too! I was not a cat person. When I married my husband he adopted a black cat. I did not like her nor did I want her on our bed. Two years ago we adopted two kittens. I love one, like the other and tolerate the older one.Lol! They have taught me a lot about myself.

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