Today I am spending Thanksgiving with Brad Pitt.

Inspired by my friend, I want to write my own Thanksgiving poem. I have so, so many things to be thankful for and lately I have been having a rough time remembering that automatically; I am in a constant state of reminding myself to thank God for everything He has given me. Because He has given me so, so much.

Using the same starting line that Ms. Kim gave her fifth-grade students. Here I go!

I’m Thankful For…

Seasons that mark change by the colors of the leaves and the crisp cool air,
Giving someone a hug and having them hug me back even tighter,
Laughter… un-containable laughter,
Showing my students how magical their thoughts are, when shared.

I’m thankful for,
Worship, the lose-your-voice-dancing-by-yourself-in-the-living-room kind,
My Family… my family, my family, my. family.
Pictures- taking them, being a part of them, sharing them, being inspired by them,
Read-alouds, the one time I can truly be my entire self with my students,

I’m thankful for,
Friendships with no expiration dates,
Those that speak truth and hope into my life,
and He who never fails, who always loves, always gives, and never goes away.

I hope everyone back home in the USA has a truly amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Miss you^^

p.s. I am watching Moneyball tonight, if you have already seen it don’t tell me! I really enjoyed the book so I am excited, all those men in baseball uniforms? Another thing to be thankful for!


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