finding time for me.

In middle school I would read (a trend that has consistently stayed). In high school I would scrapbook. In college I would watch movies.

Now it seems, when I want to find time just for me I work. A lot. I absolutely love my classroom. But I just can’t stay in my classroom forever… I would, in fact, go crazy.

So, since living in Korea, I have found something else. Photography. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures in a while (okay, sure I take pictures at all the events I go to, and of my students EVERY DAY, but that’s not what I mean). I haven’t had a chance to walk around and look at the world through my camera lens.

I love doing that.

Is it too late to make some trademark sign off? Can you guys help me out??? What should it be?!


6 thoughts on “finding time for me.

  1. You should totally create your own trademark sign off! I totally want one too!! 🙂 Love the second photo..are you in a cafe???

  2. You have a great eye sisi! Since you have incorporated “Everyone has something to say. I just write it all down.” into your blog, your sign off should be something like, “Written down for you. By me.” ???? What do you think???

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