I have been published!

Hello friends. Good news. In my spare time, I am now a freelance writer for Yonhap News. I find this pretty exciting. My first article came out this morning:

CLICK HERE TO READ (like do it. now.)

In other, equally exciting news. TOMORROW I take my in-house BLACK belt test. Word. I have to break two bricks. So… if I don’t do that, I don’t get my black belt test. Not even joking. I also have to do my poomse (form) and other jazz, but the bricks is the main event. The big shebang. etc.

On Saturday I went to take my belt test at a place called “Kukkiwon”. I have no idea what that stands for, anyone? In order to take my “in-house” black belt test, I need to pass a test at Kukkiwon. I was terrified. And cold, the arena was NOT HEATED. First we watched a bunch of kids go in groups to show their punches and kicks and forms and sparring techniques… Then they ushered us in this waiting room with over a hundred other kiddies (and like twenty adults). During that time these three kids saw me (the only white adult in the room) sitting my a blond girl (the only white child in the room) and they freaked out. As the smiled and waved the strategically placed themselves to sit in front of us and then a parent asked if we would take our picture with these three kids. It. Was. Hilarious. A lot of random strangers have my picture in this country.

Still thinking of a sign off, kind of want it to have something to do with laughing. (Laugh loud. Laugh often. -????) We shall see.



One thought on “I have been published!

  1. Kukkiwon is the official HQ of Korea tkd, source of national pride etc. They also keep very good records of degrees. That means you can trust that your place is legit. Then again, you -are- in seoul. I envy you so much Melody, hehe, as I type from (not-so-)sunny cali of the US of A..

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