Honoring Grandpa

I took a nap today. A four-hour nap (oops). I honestly cannot remember the last time I took a nap. Just saying the word “nap”, it sounds so lovely. Thank you Lord for inventing sleep.

The reason for my nap wasn’t from a lack of nothing to do, I was actually supposed to get a lot of work done on my grad school thesis (oops, again!) today. Heartache caused all motivation to leave me.

So… after doing absolutely nothing with my day I realized I needed to get out of the apartment, take a walk, and remember my grandpa. I took my camera with me for comfort and set out in the cold. In between looking for inspirational photographical (I may have just made that word up) moments, I reflected on my grandpa’s life.

I will remember him in his plaid button-ups at Christmas, having a stock of envelopes (Christmas gifts for his children and grandchildren^^) sticking out from his chest pocket. I will remember him always waving to me when he saw me drive by his house while he was out working on his lawn. I will remember his voice, something I never thought about until my walk today… he had such a unique voice (like me). His voice was comforting, yet rugged too. I will remember my brothers getting to go with my dad to Grandpa’s church once a year, feasting on the game hunter’s got that season (what? I am from Michigan!) and sometimes wishing I could go- just once- even though I am not so sure I could handle eating rabbit stew and venison! I will remember grandpa for his faithfulness in taking his son’s family (of nine children) out to an all-you-can-eat restaurant every year.

And I will always remember grandpa for his smile, the same smile he passed on to my dad.

I love you grandpa, and I miss you.
Say “hi” to grandma for me up there.
Your Grand-daughter

Some of the pictures I took on my walk:


One thought on “Honoring Grandpa

  1. Very sweet poem about your grandpa! I’m sure he’s smiling down at you right now! Btw..love the photos!! You are so talented! I really should buy adobe lightroom…i guess in 2012! 🙂

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