my first cup of coffee


I lived 26 years (and eight months) without ever drinking a cup. I had a total of maybe six sips in my life (I am guessing, I have no idea how many sips), and every time, my reaction was, “yuck!”

I got through college, my first years as a teacher, and now most of grad school… without being heavily caffeinated (okay, my early years of drinking coca-cola may have come into play here, let me add to this sentence…) by coffee. But, to be honest, I always wanted to be a coffee drinker. Anyone feel me on this one? I was ecstatic when I discovered my love of caramel steamed milk, so I could get a drink that looked like it was coffee, just to be “cool”.

Now, starting the year of 2012 off with a hot cup of coffee, I felt…

the same.

I do feel slightly accomplished, it is something I was never able to achieve before, downing a whole cup of joe. As for the rest of 2012, I don’t see very many cups of coffee in my future.

cheers to the new year!


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