13 cents

It finally happened… after living here for over two and a half years. The public transportation prices WENT UP.

I was flabbergasted yesterday when my t-money card wouldn’t transfer from the subway onto the bus I had to take for church. I was informed (through very broken English and the help of some kind Korean Americans) that if I didn’t have enough money on my t-money after I transferred I had to pay the whole price of the bus ride. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have enough money because no body told me the price went up!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I wasn’t too upset, just a little. I was also a little surprised at the bus driver’s lack of grace, but you know- it’s his job to make sure people pay for their ride. After a small amount of thought, I came to the conclusion that public transportation prices don’t often change in Korea. For me to be here for almost three years, and this is the first increase (of 150 won, which is about 13 cents)… well, if you think about it, that’s not bad. Not bad at all.

Here are three pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with this post or each other. I just like them.

Something about the way all of these tables and coffee cups lined up, I just loved it.

I got the privilege of having a mini-photo shoot with my girl Hannah (from hannahgram.com)

Fresh flowers on Paul's dresser. LOVE.


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