goodbye hannah…

It happens over and over again when you live abroad.

Saying goodbye.

Hannah’s friendship was one that “just happened” in that amazing “we are so meant to be friends” way. I am an extrovert (did you know?), so I tend to want to hang out and be friends with everyone (it really takes me by surprise when people don’t want to be my friend! really…). When it happens that someone calls me out, and initiates the “let’s hang out”, before I do. I freak out. Someone wants to hang out with me! Is my constant thought process (I mean, then again…who wouldn’t? I am seriously cool).

We painted our nails. We shared a blanket. We giggled until the wee hours of the morning. And we will do it again, somewhere else in the world.

“See you later Hannah!” I am glad you made it back safely to Canada.

pictures credited to brian kim! thanks bro…


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