Ruby Red (Dorothy’s Shoes!)

Have you ever heard of the shoe brand TOMS? I am sure most of you are reading this and chuckling to yourself… “Where has this girl been? Under a rock?”

Well, I was just asking. I have been aware of these shoes for a long time. I have been meaning to buy a pair for YEARS. And I haven’t done so. Yet. I need to. The fact that every time you buy a pair of shoes means that some other soul out there gets a pair of shoes that he/she wouldn’t normally have, absolutely warms my heart!

One of my students came to school today sporting a sparkling new pair of TOMS. I want them. I think our feet our almost the same size, yeah?

After she proudly showed them to me, I smiled and exclaimed, “They are Dorothy shoes!” She smiled back, but it was clear… she had no idea what I was talking about.


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