Santa Clause (I know, it’s not really the season!)

I used to write whole blog posts with just words. So many words! And then… January 2011, I bought myself the best Christmas/Birthday/every other holiday to justify it present ever. My Nikon D5000. That was the beginning of the end of words, and pictures have been my source of stories, and joy. Nowadays, I panic about not being able to put up a blog post because I have no recent pictures to go with it.

I forgot how much writing about the interesting and random and hilarious things that happen to me while I teach and live in a foreign country are therapeutic; they help me remember where I have been, how far I have come, and where I am going.

Just before Christmas this year I was asking my students what they wanted to be/do when they got older (a question, at age eight, I am sure they have heard many, many times^^). All of my boys started whispering and pointing to their faces, giving their chins the rub down. My smallest boy (with the biggest attitude) raised his hand. “Ms. Welton! Ms. Welton! We want to have beards when we are older.”

I smiled, I have become used to random comments from my students that make no sense, “Really? Cool, I like beards.”

“Yeah, we want white beards… so that when are kids go to be at Christmas we can be Santa Clause when we grow up!”

And that was when the white beards made sense, we had just finished having a hard conversation in my class before this said discussion. One of my students brought up how Santa wasn’t real. I don’t usually lie to my students, so I answered their questions, “BUT… who brings the presents?” “Who eats the cookie?” “It’s my PARENTS???” Only a couple of my students were surprised. The rest were like, “Duh, your parents give you presents.”

I was not the one who brought it up. Swear. I learned my lesson last year.


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