the blogging universe, so big— yet so small!

Hello World,

I actually have people come check this blog out from ALL OVER THE WORLD. It is the neatest feeling. Since starting my new blog: two apples a day, with miss jee young— I have been overwhelmed by the blogging community. When I started this blog, Spit on the Street (named for the one thing that shocked me the most when moving to Korea), I did it because I had so many hilarious stories to share with my family and friends back home that I was actually sending a mass e-mail home once or twice a WEEK (my job back then offered me a lot of free time… A LOT.). I figured instead of mass attacking their inbox every week I would give them the option of reading about my life.

Since then, this blog has become so much more. I have been able to not only share my cultural experience and life, I have been able to discover my love of photography (and sharing that joy), I have been able to reflect on everything I do (such a great way to grow in life!), and I have found that in this world there is such amazing creativity.

Becoming more involved in the blogging community because of my educational blog (which has caused me to be on twitter a lot more^^) I have discovered There are some ridiculously awesome educational/classroom blogs out there (links are on twoapplesaday) and lately I have been incredibly inspired by my friends blogs, and their creativity. Especially my new trifecta group of friends (in real life, AND the blogging world!). I am attaching links to their blogs in this post (they are also on my sidebar):




Keep doing what you are doing friends, YOU ROCK (christopher howarth fist pump).

Who inspires you? Share their link, PLEASE. 


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