Saetbyul’s Wedding, her very Korean one!

Saet is a friend of mine that I have had ever since coming to Korea. I love to tell the story of how we met.

“Hi, I am Melody… what’s your name?”

“Saet, but you can call me Sarah.”


“Because people can’t really say my name.”

“I can say Saet. I am going to call you Saet.”

“Whatever…” and the homegirl walks OFF. We’ve been friends ever since (obviously^^).

Her wedding took place on Saturday, March 17th… and though rain was in the forecast ALL WEEK, she ended up with the most beautiful day of the season so far. The wedding was held at one of my favorite places in Korea; the War Memorial Museum. It was a very colorful, extremely Korean, outdoor event. Here are a few pictures, I love the way they turned out!

The entrance of the bride!

Saet’s students practicing their song, it was the cutest performance (though I have no idea what they sang out about…haha).

There were so many colors, I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

These are just a few of the gazillion pics I took. Congratulations Saet and Nurse Yoo!!!


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