Unconnected: Day 5

Officially, it has been a week since I left my phone in a Thai taxi (the real life story is much more dramatic, as is any story I say!).  5 days since I have been back to my real life though, and not on vacation. Not having a smart phone has caused me to have a lot more thinking time, a lot more “me” time.

I have to make actual lists of things to do and remember, on paper (instead of in my notes app). I have to listen to podcasts at home on my computer instead of on the subway. I have no communication with anyone who speaks English while I am traveling. I make plans to meet people and they actually have to show up on time or make me worry because there is no way to contact me. I don’t know when the bus is coming, so I have to become more chill and go with the flow… I have to learn how to wait, again.

I finally did get a phone though. My good friend just happened to have a “pay as you go” phone lying around in his classroom. So here it is!

Ain’t she a beaut?!

To be honest, I can’t even figure out how to save numbers in it yet, and every time I send a text I am yelling at people because I don’t know how to change it from all CAPS. I feel like I am back in the stone age…

The worst thing about losing my phone? Not being able to play DrawSomething… I was getting really good at that game (okay… that might not be the WORST thing).


3 thoughts on “Unconnected: Day 5

    • haha, yeah I honestly don’t really need it until the weekends when I have to meet up with people… I make plans in the day on fb and such… but I miss my apps, and being able to chat with the family overseas so easily^^

  1. melody you’re so funny. i can’t imagine going back to those old phones. i’m still using my korean phone and my mom bought me a really ghetto smart phone.
    its good though. i think not having a smartphone teaches us a lot of things. patience and clear communication.

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