coffee dates and chit chat

I made Judy take a picture of my outfit because I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt that I got in Thailand (only about five bucks, what-what). To me this is the ultimate teacher, colorful, JOY shirt. One of my student’s from last year stopped me in the hallway and said, “I really like your shirt.” Me too girl, me too.


I had a great coffee date last week with my girl Judy:

I like her a lot.

And tonight I had dessert with my great friend, Moon. And we bought nail polish. I love friendship, and fellowship… and being a girl (except for when you have the chance of having the most embarrassing, traumatizing, and horrific moment that has to deal with your time of the month… but that is rare, and that is a different story for another day…)

As it is– I posted twice today, whoops!


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