joy comes in the morning

Last night, I went to bed with a pounding headache, praying that I would fall asleep quickly. This morning I woke up with a worship song stuck in my head (we sang it during service at church yesterday), and I felt pure joy. I didn’t realize until close to lunch time that I STILL have a headache. But it didn’t matter.

On my walk to school this morning I kept thinking about all the things I was grateful for. From big things (my life, my family, my job) to small things (I was looking at my nails thinking about how happy I am that I no longer bite them, and because of that I have decent cuticles!!!), and of course the warm weather created a song of gladness in my heart.  It was crazy. Really, I am really happy.

Who’s with me?!

I am happy, and my head still hurts. I am rejoicing through my pain.


2 thoughts on “joy comes in the morning

    • haha! You know what happened? I wrote cuticles… and then when the auto correct made changes it said it was spelled wrong so I clicked fix it and sometimes even if a word is spelled RIGHT they thing you mean a different word… why would they ever think I would be writing about cubicles??? haha!

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