let the countdown begin…

I don’t ever have a specific number that I start counting down from before I head back to Michigan, therefore I decided to start today. AND GUESS WHAT?

Only 62 more days until I fly home. YIPPEEEEE!

I can’t wait to see my family and friends, and go to a bazillion weddings (including my seeester’s!), and tip a cow (kidding), and eat all the American food I want, and attend service at my home church (The Point), and visit Grand Haven (THE BEACH), and take my friend’s maternity pictures, and take my brother’s senior pictures, and visit Chicago (and New York!), and road trip to the U.P., and play with my niece and nephew, and see a movie in the theater without subtitles, and eat more food, and pet my dog (please stay alive Dustie Jack, you can do it), and go rock climbing with my brother, and eat more food.



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