He offered his umbrella?!

I have a tendency to leave my apartment unprepared for whatever weather may be awaiting me, as I rarely look out the window (I have been known to not be very observant) and hardly ever check the weather on that app (that I no longer have, haha). You would think that growing up in Michigan would have beat this bad habit out of me, since the weather there changes every thirty minutes. I leave my house in February with my winter jacket on and it is 80 degrees outside. I am driving in pure sunshine and all of a sudden it is pouring. The difference between Michigan and Korea, is that I drove everywhere in the former. If it was raining, I just darted to my car, or from my car to whatever house/building/store. I was unprepared, yes… but it wasn’t ever too bad.

In Korea, I walk and subway and bus everywhere. This weekend, my lack of concern for the weather… well, it gave me a story to say the least! I was on my way to graduate class with my dear friend Dyanne, whom I always count on to be prepared, and sure enough… she had a raincoat AND an umbrella. I went to open up her umbrella once we left the subway when the top part kept going and fell right off the handle. Completely broken.

After class we had a birthday party to go to… it was raining even harder. As we walked from the subway station to the restaurant I was soaked through within two minutes. At one point we were standing at a cross walk, waiting for the little green walking man, when I saw this guy standing near us (foreigner) with a HUGE umbrella. Dyanne and I both smiled at him, hoping he would offer to share… when he decided to run across the street before the red hand disappeared! I thought this was a good idea at least, and ran too, only Dyanne didn’t. So, I was standing at the other side waiting for her when this other guy going in the opposite direction of me held out his umbrella and said in a voice full of sincere pity, “Do you need an umbrella?” Uh? Was he for real? This stranger was offering me his umbrella? “That’s okay!” I said and smiled. WHAT? AM I FOR REAL? I was refusing this guy’s umbrella? He looked at me with another large amount of pity, not understanding my refusal and said, “Uh… okay.” Then the green walking man showed up and he passed by Dyanne who said, “That was so nice of him!” And I was standing there like, “I know! Why did I say no???” It was at this point that I remembered I had my computer and camera in my backpack (which was getting soaked) and I mourned my refusal that much more.

(I even have a bunch of umbrellas just hanging up by my door!)

This stranger still made my day though. He offered to GIVE ME his umbrella. I obviously need to learn how to recieve. Next time (because, let’s face it, there probably will be a next time… today I walked out of my apartment in the rain, then headed straight back in, to get my umbrella) I am NOT going to refuse!


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