“I hope she changes her direction.”

Last week a parent requested to have a meeting with me. I was thrown off, to say the least. We JUST had conferences, anything that needed to be said, could have been said then— right? I am normally not a curious person (I know some of you might find that hard to believe), but I kept spinning out all of the possibilities for this meeting. She was removing her daughter from the school and needed a letter of recommendation, her daughter is always sick and now had to be on special medication/attention watch, the mothers were talking and an issue came up (this happened to me a lot last year)… the list goes on.

The first thing the mom said when she sat down with me, “I should have mentioned this at conferences.” I smile and breath— okay, it can’t be that bad then.

Basically, there is a very bossy girl in my class, and the mothers of the other girls had been talking (I was right! Does this happen in schools in America too???) and they all realized that their daughters were all having problems with the same girl.

I can see it, but being at a small school, this is a very delicate situation. I left that meeting with a mission, to  help my students be problem-solvers. First I had a heart to heart with the bossy girl (who really is a bossy girl) and I explained to her the situation (she is very mature for her age) and I told her if she kept acting the way she did (controlling, manipulative, bossy— okay I didn’t say these words) she was going to lose her friends. I talked to my counselor, the school counselor, and she directed me on what to say before I sat down with bossy girl.

Today, I decided to have a heart to heart with the girl who was really feeling the pressure of bossy girl’s ways (she had been her friend the longest, and her mom was the one who came to talk to me). After we chatted for a while (about how things were going with bossy girl, and how she was trying to be a problem-solver, etc), this little girl looks up at me and says, “Yeah… I hope she changes her direction.”

Ummm… wow.



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