Who doesn’t love FREE?

Last week I received a Facebook message from my friend BP over at The Adventures of LStan. BP loves a good deal, and anything free (who doesn’t?), knowing that I would too— she shared this little gem with me.

If you are a blogger you can click on the above image and order a pair of sunglasses for FREE. The catch of course, is that you have to blog about them. I immediately selected my shades and sent in my request. I got them earlier this week (so fast!).

I have already had the pleasure of testing them out during recess duty this week and I love them. They are comfortable and stylish and they fit my small face well (I mean the “big glasses look” is fashionable, but sometimes they just look TOO big).

What do you think? (The picture is kind of blurry because my 18-55 mm is at the shop, I can’t focus my zoom (55-200 mm) well when I set it on the timer.)

The only thing I am not the biggest fan of is the detail on the sides, but for FREE, I will take it^^



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