Crush. A word I never thought I would have to teach my second graders. Over the past two weeks a flood of “he/likes, she likes” have passed through the mouths of my students in hushed whispers and giggles. Three girls like Ben*. Ben likes May. Brian and Jane are dating. Lina likes Kevin.

WHAT? Does this really start in second grade? I was home-schooled so the opportunity never presented itself (for some odd reason). My grade teaching partner confirmed with a loud YES while we were watching our kids at recess today. “I remember having feelings,” She said with a smile.

Then the tears starting flowing. “He said I liked Ben and I never said that!” May wailed during lunch (even though, I know, she really does like Ben). I firmly told my students to stop talking about their crushes with other students if they didn’t want people to know. “Ms. Welton, what is ‘crush’?” uhhh…. yeah. I turned and walked away. I can tackle that tomorrow.



*All names being changed for the protection of the hearts of my dear students.

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5 thoughts on “Crushes

  1. Oh, I remember those days. There was something about a ring given to me in second or third grade – that my parents made me return. That boy left our school a few years later, but in high school I heard that he still talked about it too – and how he thought it meant I didn’t “like” him. Too funny!

    As a teacher who has students in 1-5th grades, I can say for sure that it gets worse, but it goes underground. The fifth grade sillies are in earnest right now, and there is a LOT of flirting going on!

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