A Whole New World

I know my birthday is old news, it happened a while ago… so luckily this post doesn’t really have anything to do with it (and yet everything to do with it). Different groups of friends came together and started up a fund to get me a new camera lens (which, if I am honest— is the one thing I really wanted the most) for my birthday gift. I know, they are pretty awesome. I was handed the money and told, “Go! Spend it! Only on a lens!”

Yesterday was the day. I popped some Excedrin as soon as my students flew out the door, took many deeps breath, and started to mentally prepare for…


I do not like Yongsan. It is a confusing place, full of malls that don’t make sense,  electronics, and people crying out to you, “I give you best price!” Imagine an octopus spreading it’s eight limbs toward your face all at once, smothering you… and that is how I feel about going to Yongsan.

In Seoul, Yongsan is probably one of the best places to go to get a camera lens though, and so… to Yongsan I must go.

Jee Young, being the amazing friend that she is— agreed to come and translate for me (even though she feels the same way about Yongsan as I do). We prayed and prayed that we wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the salesman at all the bajillion different counters (aren’t they all the same???!) and we would be able to get the lens I wanted for a decent price.

So what happened? Well, apparently our prayers worked a little too well. No one wanted to sell me a lens! This one unkind man refused to get the lens out that I wanted to see, thinking I wouldn’t buy it, and saying that the lens he had under the counter would work just fine for a student. Luckily, this was all (more or less) translated to me after the fact. A STUDENT. What, I don’t look like your typical photographer? I am going to punch you in the face! (Of course, I am all talk, I would never…).

We wandered a bit and discovered a very chill guy, who gave us more of an understanding of why I wanted to lens I got. He was informative and nice, not pushy at all. NICE.

I got a 30 mm F 1.4 sigma lens. It’s pretty sweet. Having a new lens is just like having a whole new world to explore. Now, I can’t wait to take my brother’s senior pictures when I go home this summer (before I was terrified)! Here are the first pictures I took on it today during recess:

Love their socks.

Love her bow.

I always love Elaine’s shoes.

The only picture I actually edited of the four. Love her slinky.

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12 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. I can see why you LOVE your new lens – your images are great! I think you make a great photographer and I am not just saying that in case you might punch me in the face! I laughed when I read that line. I think you make a more convincing photographer than fighter:)

  2. I love the perspective of these photos. So what can this lens do that others don’t do? I have never had a camera where you can change the lens. I am happy when I can zoom.

    • haha, the funny thing about this lens is that it is a fixed lens, meaning I can’t zoom! this lens gives a better quality picture, and the F1.4 is what gives it the blurry background to make the things in the front come out crisp and clear!

  3. I’d like to know more about the lens too, like Elsie. The pictures are just so clear in details. Perhaps that’s what it was. I’m glad you survived the salesmen & got your lens! Nice story to hear!

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