Waiting for the calm in the storm. That is what I am doing.

Today, I have my last small group. Tomorrow I give my final presentation on my project document (thesis) for grad school. Saturday I work my last day at my first international school and pack up my apartment. Sunday I graduate with my masters. Monday I move apartments and pack for the States. Tuesday, I fly home.

Next Tuesday, I fly home.

June 16th is my sister’s wedding. I head to Chicago June 30th, and to New York on July 11th (for wedding #2 of the summer). Weddings 3, 4, and 5 take place June 21st, 28th, and August 3rd. I get to be a bridesmaid in #1, and #5!

August 9th, I come back to Korea and start teaching at a new international school.

Forget the calm, I love this storm.

A little bit of what I have been up to through pictures:

Saying goodbye to Han Wool for the summer, while Jee Young has a tearful goodbye with Hye Yun (as she is moving to Singapore!)

WICKED!!! After waiting for seven years, it only seems right that they would bring an English-speaking cast (from Australia, they were amazing) all the way to Korea for me. TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT. I want to see it again.

I miss my smartphone.

Last week of school includes field day! I have never been more tired…

Until I write again… love the storm you’re in!


3 thoughts on “Calm

    • Well Patrick, it sounds very tempting— but I already have a friend from D.C. coming up to new york to see meeeeeee. I will come visit eventually, I love D.C.!

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