A House Full of Flowers

Roses and Peonies. Blue mason jars. The smell, and the soft, clear-see through- blue vases  are interrupting every corner of my parents house. My sister got married this weekend!!! All week the weather forecast crept up from 85 degree afternoons, to 91˚… then 92˚.

Needless to say, when the dress rehearsal started at 6 p.m. and the sun beat the back of our legs and neck (with a temperature of only 85˚)… the bridal party was excited at the prospect of a “short and sweet” wedding ceremony the next day, as requested by the groom, especially since the actual wedding would be two hours earlier, at 4 p.m.

one of the flower girls was my niece, izabelle^^

The day arrived with a cloudy overcast and a heavy wind. The sun danced through the clouds throughout the morning, and the afternoon kissed us with beautiful cloud coverage and a much calmer breeze (with a few gusts of splendid wind). The bridesmaids tossed aside our little pink fans, and instead worried slightly about giving the friends and family in attendance a little more of a show than they bargained for. But no need to worry, our dresses all stayed in place.

the bride just after putting on her dress… absolutely stunning!

The ceremony was indeed, short— but incredibly sweet, with a beautiful song performed by our sister-in-law after the touching message. And as you have probably figured out, the weather was amazing! Afterwards the bridal party hopped on our wagon-pulled-by-giant-red-tractor and took a hay ride to our designated photo shoot spot (my sister married a dentist/family farmer, what can I say???).

the cake was delicious, and pink!

The reception included a favor of pink taffy (I did NOT go around and gather up all the forgotten favor bags and stuff them in a bag for later— I totally did NOT do that) as well as a gradient layered pink cake (pictured above!). Roses and peonies were set at each table, held in place by blue mason jars (hence the first paragraph). The bride was gorgeous, and the groom seemed to be bursting at the seams with happiness (as every wedding should show!). Each of the three brothers of the groom gave witty, short, and touching toasts, and then my little sis (maid of honor) showed them up with a sweeping finish to the toasts (I may be biased), and had everyone chuckling and wiping tears from their eyes.

After the couple had their first dance to “Makin’ Plans” by Miranda Lambert, my dad surprised most of the nine children by showing off the dance lessons he had been taking with mom oer the past several months and effortlessly swept his daughter around the dance floor for their father-daughter danced, joined in later by the groom and his mother.

I didn’t get the chance to take a whole lot of pictures, since there was need for video clips to capture the night, and because I was in the wedding I had to enlist the help of my youngest brother to get walking down the aisle/ceremony moments (I am in the process of putting the clips together now— it’s not too bad considering I wasn’t available for many precious moments). But I did get some pictures, spread throughout this post.

It was an amazing start to my summer at home, I am so excited for my sister and her new husband, and for the other four weddings I get to go to this summer!!!

Here are a few more pictures..(me with my flowers, me and the bride, me and my siblings— hey, it’s my blog— I choose the pictures!!! ^^)…

Right before this picture (above) was taken there are a couple of laughing shots, as our sister-in-law called herself the “Blind Side” sister… you know, the big black man in the family photo. Don’t let her blond hair fool you though, she has been a sister in the Welton clan for over a decade!

I shall leave you with a picture of the original Welton Family, my parents and the nine children they birthed. (First time we have all been together long enough for a picture to be taken in four years!)


One thought on “A House Full of Flowers

  1. Aww…love all the photos!! You look gorgeous in the pink dress! Love the family portrait~!! You should get it framed~~:)

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