The Bump

There was no hesitation at all when Stef asked me to take maternity pictures of her and her baby bump (oh, and with Joe too— I guess^^)… Most of you know that I started taking my hobby of snapping pictures more seriously once I invested in a DSLR. It took me a long time, but I finally started calling myself a photographer. And the more you practice and work at something, the better you get. I am pretty proud of these pictures…

Plus, spending a day taking shots of two of my best friends since college was an absolute blast. Here is a sneak peek of our photo shoot, these are some of my favorite shots…


Stef’s favorite:

My friends’ are goofballs (I may have suggested this pose^^):

Joe had to get a few shots in of his own, this is just one of those:


and my personal favorite:


8 thoughts on “The Bump

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