Chicago and the Heat Wave

I am pretty sure this post will break my record for most pictures posted at once. I just can’t help it. Chicago is a beautiful city, and I spent four full days there (not counting the days I traveled to get to and from), so there are bound to be a TON of pictures. Choosing the ones for this post was no easy task.

If I had to make a list of Chicago recommendations it might look something like this:

the wormhole (I recommend the ice chai latte- I may have gotten it four mornings in a row…maybe) it’s located near wicker park.

myopic books— I have never seen so many books in my life at one place, the kindle has not taken over yet!

the bean— I don’t care how touristy it is, I LOVED IT. I have been to Chicago so many times and I cannot believe I have never been to THE BEAN. you have your fill after about five minutes, but whatever- it’s cool.

every wednesday night there is a free concert in millennium park, WHAT? Eric, Christina, and I got to hear the orchestra practice on Tuesday. music rejuvinates my soul.

the art institute of chicago— now this place I have been to before, but it is always amazing, and this time around we got to see the roy lichtenstein exhibit.

lincoln park zoo— mainly because IT’S FREE! Christina and I were look for fun cheap places to go to take pictures and the zoo was great. Though we are not much for looking at animals in cages, the scenery was beautiful.

greek island restaurant in greek town— basically because the fire cheese is so fun, and actually really, really delicious.

and of course, deep dish pizza! Eric took us to Gino’s East. so tasty.



oh my dear wormhole, I will miss those ice chai lattes with all my heart…


8 thoughts on “Chicago and the Heat Wave

  1. Such wonderful pics Melody! Ur really such a great photographer! I wanna gooo there 😀
    Big hug from norway 🙂

  2. Mel these are amaaaazing! Its so inspiring to see how much you have grown and excelled in photography! I still remember the first time you showed me your [then] new camera, and shooting with you in Korea! I love seeing through your lens/eye and cant wait for you to see therough mine i’m so glad i got to see you and hang out with you in chicago!! Cant wait til our next adventure..!! love you and miss you already!!

  3. Okay so I wrote this reaaaally long comment on this post when you first posted it but i guess it didn’t go through -__- BUT in a nutshell, I said that I remember when you first got your camera and we went shooting around seoul, and seeing you now, you’ve come sooo far and have your own style and flavor and i love it and am so proud of you!!! Can’t wait for our future travels and photography! Love and mishuuu!!!

    • no, no! it’s just my parents silly internet! I just went through and approved comments, but I am so glad you were determined and left another one— I can’t WAIT to see you pictures and videos from chicago!!! AND for our next adventure, you are my inspiration 🙂

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