the choices we make

I realize I have not been the best blogger this summer. (And gosh darnnit— I have so many great stories and pictures to share!) I just love this site, it helps me keep track of my life. I started blogging for my family and friends back home to be able to keep tabs on me… so I guess when I come home— it is easy to take a vacation from writing posts as well. It also doesn’t help that my parents live in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE, and have the slowest internet IN THE WORLD (not entirely true, since they have graduated from dial-up).

I am composing this post almost entirely for one person—me. I want to look back and remember this particular summer… because it has been a really tough one. It has been full of love and laughter, brimming up and spilling over every second of every day, which is what makes it even harder. I have to leave. To say good-bye to some (I fear my dog won’t make it another year) and see you later to most. Again.

I love my community it Korea. I do. But I don’t want to go back. I don’t know if it is all the weddings (fifth one this Friday!), or the fact that my family is giving me a rough go of it for choosing a life abroad, or the fear of diving into what feels like is going to be my first year of teaching all over again… This summer went by so fast.

I love my family more than almost anything in this world, second only to God. The desires I have to make the change I want to see in the world come from God and God alone. So even though I make the choice to live abroad year after year, God is the one guiding my path.

I have to take the steps though.

I could choose to stay in Michigan, to be with my family every day. But it wouldn’t be the best path for me. So I choose the harder one, because in the end, I will make a difference.


3 thoughts on “the choices we make

  1. Love this post…feeling a bit emotional right now! :*) God is definitely leading your path! It’s not an easy life we live, living abroad, but there’s a purpose and plan for us that’s even greater than we can imagine! I hear you and let’s SKYPE now that you are back in the land of fast internet! hehehe 🙂

  2. This makes me cry every time I read it. You are so inspirational and talented. Please write a book so I can read it. I am happy you are where you need to be and am looking forward to next summer! Love you love you love you!

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