Falling in Love with Detroit (this is not a joke).

Just before coming back to Seoul, South Korea for my fourth year abroad (still finding that one hard to swallow— wow!), I discovered Detroit for the first time. After 27 years, and growing up on the west side of Michigan for the first two decades (plus change), I have never been to downtown Detroit. At this point in Michigan’s history, most people would say that, that is a good thing. I can now say that I wholeheartedly disagree. I fell in love with the big D.

My brother and sister-in-law, and sister and brother-in-law, all live near Detroit… but not actually in it (my amazing sister-in-law was just telling me that her and my brother have had many conversations about moving into downtown, because they love it).

Darla decided to take me and my youngest sister, Grace, on a fastwind tour during my one full day on the east side of Michigan. We started at the Motown Museum. Darla was ashamed that she had lived in the area almost her entire life, and had never been. Do you know Motown? Because I, was not aware of its history. This was by FAR, the coolest museum I had ever been too, and Glenn- was the BEST tour guide (notice all the CAPS). And guess what? The museum is in Detroit. Go there.

After Motown we hit up this great cafe for lunch… It was delicious and very reasonably priced, I could barely finish half of my burger. And the sweet potato fries that came with it, oh my.

With our stomaches full we started walking towards the river, and since pictures are worth a thousand words (as they say)…




Once we got tired of walking (aka had to run back to our car before the meter ran out) Darla drove us around to more cool places, and I took pictures from the car, or jumping out of the car, etc.. What can I say? I just gotta get that shot.

Funny story about this next picture, apparently these two restaurants are on food channels all the time. Two brothers wanted to open up Coney Islands… Only not together.

They are both still in business, haha. Here are some shots driving around, I could do a post just on all the beautiful churches I saw.


Imagine this next structure in its prime. This is the old train station for Detroit. People are trying to get funds to restore it, while others want to tear it down.

Darla had another idea after our photo shoot on the go, she decided to take us to The Heidelberg Project, which I had no idea existed. I am so glad I do now. It was incredible (check out the link).



Once we were there, they asked us if we wanted to help freshen up the sidewalk art— before Grace and I could really respond Darla had a paintbrush in her hand and was ready to go. Now we can say we painted at The Heidelberg Project, I feel so cool.



Looks like Detroit still has a heartbeat after all, you just have to feel for it.


3 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Detroit (this is not a joke).

  1. Love your pictures of detroit…that house with the polka dots are so cute! It makes me want to visit detroit someday! 🙂

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