I never thought I would teach Kindergarten.


But… Here I am. My third year teaching (fourth if you count teaching English in Korean public schools, but I don’t–exactly— count that), and I find myself leading a group of kinders and first graders.

The start of the week was TOUGH. But the more I prayed, and the more prayer I received… well it’s the end of day four, and I still have energy! The past three days even thinking about composing a blog post was… impossible.

You can’t leave kindergarteners alone… did you know that?! Like… ever.

I have one girl who never wants school to end. “Awwww, I wish we could stay longer!” Just about the cutest freaking thing EVER.

Yesterday we had elementary chapel for the first time (well, duh— this is week one), and the vice principal was teaching the three omnis. He was on the word omnipresent when he asked all of the students, “Where is God?”

Without any hesitation one of my first grade girl’s points to her chest and calls out, “In our hearts!”

Just about the cutest thing EVER. I mean I have said that twice now… but man oh man, little kids are CUTE. And my class students are the stars of the school, everyone loves them, everyone says hi to them in the halls. I am tempted to let other teachers just have them for a little while, but no one has gone for that yet… What? They think they are so cute, why not hang out with them for seven hours (okay, I still think they are cute).

—- I wrote that blog post yesterday, and today I was able to take my camera with me on my walk home and capture my new neighborhood. The walk home from work is surprisingly green. I love it, especially the big garbage/trash dump area.—-

 I was taking a very non creepy back shot of two of my new co-workers, when the new roommie wanted in on the picture taking action. Hence, the two above photos… and then we ran into the adorbs newly engaged couple pictured below!

Nothing beats a walk home full of flowers, tires, trees, and trash. Aaaaah, Korea. 


I am not the biggest pet fan (we all know this), but this leeeeetle dog was pretty cute.

How is your walk home?



4 thoughts on “I never thought I would teach Kindergarten.

  1. Ahhh..i never thought you would teach kindergarten as well! 😉 I don’t think i could do it…that dog is ADORABLE! my walk home is pretty nice…when i take the subway..but one night, i did run into a mouse in the middle of the street that would not move! i was going to scream….but i just froze and stood there…:T

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