my burning hands

I must share this.

It was in bible study this past Sunday at church that it finally clicked, really clicked. All the powerful prayers of the prophets and leaders in the old testament had important ingredients and similar outlines. First, you pray out God’s character… He is GOOD. Then you declare his promises and his works. You start with praise and thanks, and then you stand on the truth of what his word says and what he has done.

After bible study my friend wanted prayer for her legs, we all felt an increase in our faith after digging into the Bible. When she sat down we could see that one leg was slightly shorter than the other. Enough to give her extreme back pain over the years. A group of us prayed for her, nothing happened— we could still see one leg just -that- much longer. We prayed again, and all of a sudden I remembered the order and the ingredients needed and I spoke them out. I commanded her leg to grow based on God’s character, his promises, and his works. My friend looked at her legs and went, “Wait… I think they are even!” Even though I knew, I was still taken by surprise (silly, silly me), we examined super closely, and kept looking and then started gaping— her legs were the EXACT SAME LENGTH! I wish I had the foresight to take a before and after picture… she stood up and could already feel the difference of having two even legs.

Right before our church service started my welcoming team leader came up to me while I was greeting people and giving out name tags (we like to know peoples names^^). “My arm hurts, pray for me.” Turns out she gets chronic arm pain due to an accident on a scooter that happened years ago… randomly, when it starts to hurt she can’t lift her arm above her shoulder without a lot of pain. I quickly prayed with the same understanding I had just grasped that morning, and then went back to greeting and writing nametags… I hear “Melody, Melody!” I turned and my friend was swinging her arms around saying that all of the pain was gone! I jumped up and down (yes, literally)— praising God for his healing power.

Throughout all of worship my hands would not stop burning, and not just a small tingling sensation— I said “owww!” out loud during one of the songs— possibly a couple of times. They were burning.


3 thoughts on “my burning hands

  1. God is so good!! He still does the miraculous today…remember how I said my leg grew a few months ago! Love seeing how God is continuing to move powerfully!!

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