If you had any idea what my desk looked like right now…

…you would know, that I should NOT be writing this post! In the midst of this chaos (anyone with OCD would have an absolute panic attack if they walked into my classroom at this moment), I know that I was a person meant to create because all I can think about it capturing my life through words, or a picture (I so desperately want to pick my camera up right now and take a walk and SHOOT), or by painting. You know what I should do? I should play my clarinet! I haven’t touched it in months.

I read somewhere once that another meaning for the name Melody is, “created to express”… I KNOW RIGHT? That is so me 🙂 I want to join a drama club… or a symphonic band… or take an art class, oh oh! or a DANCE class— that is something I have never done and always have wanted too. Not only do I love to express myself, I love to create with other people. Who wants to go shooting (as in photography shooting, not at a hunting range… and no that is not a weird clarification as I am from Michigan and I know people back home could think the latter), or WHATEVER??? Let’s just do it!

You know what? I just had this brilliant idea. I am a teacher, I can make my students create and live vicariously through them! YES.

Okay, back to work… I mean seriously, this desk….


6 thoughts on “If you had any idea what my desk looked like right now…

  1. Well, as long as you know where everything is. Why don’t you do a photo shoot with you’re kids? Or take some art classes..I can refer you, a friend if mine did it.

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