Overwhelmed, and completely blessed.

Lately, I have been much more motivated and interested in writing on my personal blog, than on my educational one (twoapplesaday.org), that I co-author with my friend Jee Young (who is living it up in Singapore and CRAZY busy at her new school!). I think the reason is because I am so overwhelmed with my new job. When we started the blog last year, I was into the groove of second grade, and happy to blog about all the ideas I had and professional development I have been too. Now I am the one searching my heart out on the web for some great supplemental material and cool activities.

But my pastor this past Sunday gave an AWESOME word about how, every time we are overwhelmed, it is usually because God gives us something that we want (and it is NOT because He isn’t with us!), and it is usually because we have been promoted. In my mind, I was totally promoted to teach kindergarten AND first grade this year. The experience I am gaining is game-changing in the visions and goals I have for my future. I could not foresee this for myself at all— but God did. He closed the door and kicked me out of my last school to bring me here, to a place where I worship and dig into the word every single morning with my co-workers, before I even start teaching! I may be overwhelmed, but man— what a blessing it is.

I have a half eaten krispy kreme donut on my desk, I got it at lunch— I can’t even finish a donut? What is going on!

I had a conversation with my one kindergarten girl last week that melted my heart:

“So do you like school?” I asked her during snack time.

“Yes, I like school!” She replied with a huge smile on her face.

“What do you like about school?”

“I like Ms. Welton. I REALLY like Ms. Welton.”

In case you didn’t know, I am Ms. Welton, and I just about hugged her to bits. I am falling head over heals for these little ones, who cares if they can’t read? That is what I am here for!



5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed, and completely blessed.

  1. I’m so glad you’re teaching the younger ones. Kinders are wise beyond their years…makes me wonder what I’ve been promoted to lately…

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