thirty-two months

I love projects. I am currently working on one with three other members of my church. It is a writing project, and I am not going to tell you what it is—- yet— but it is EXCITING. The nature of this project has forced enouraged me, to look back upon ALL of my past blog entries.

I have been blogging for 32 months. I counted, because- whoa, I thought, that is crazy. I started when I was 24… I am now 27. It is just so weird to think that three years of my life have been documented by my words and pictures, on the web. I am not going to lie. I LOVE IT. Blogs are a billion times more organized than I am (well… just refer back to that picture of my desk a couple posts ago and you will know where I am coming from) and it is pretty neat to see my writing change, my photography improve, AND if  anyone ever doubts my black belt— I have all the blog entries and pictures to prove all of my belt tests (not that anyone would ever doubt me).

I am feeling completely euphoric right now. I sit here (my desk still messy) with the rest of this week and next week all planned out (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) listening to Sungha Jung swipe his incredibly talented fingers across a guitar and think about how I get to go to a cafe before my tutoring gig and read. I have time to READ.

Do something fun/that you like to do, RIGHT NOW. It will make you happy.


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