There is no junior Holy Spirit

It is going to be a good week. I am overflowing, holy cow, I am so full of joy! I feel like my job gets better and better, and not because it is changing— but because I am changing. This past weekend I went on a leadership retreat with my church. I think I am still shaking from the impact.

The key thing I am taking from that retreat and bringing into my teaching? Well… let me tell you. During one of the seminars, the active leaders (those of us leading in any way in the church, whether it be through preaching, being in charge of a ministry team, or small group, etc.) had a heart to heart with Rodney Henderson (IHOP people, IHOP!) about how to raise our children, that is— when we have children (I mean most of us are still single, holler).

He told us to remember that there is no junior holy spirit, and there are no junior Christians.

Snap, time to start looking and treating my students differently.

It is going to be a good week, a good month, a good year!


p.s. This weekend I was also introduced to Victor Vieira, and this song. IT IS POWERFUL. I am ready to go to Brazil now! I was a blessed leader who received his CD, Uns Aos Outros for free 🙂


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