hello again, Busan.

When I first moved to Korea I had a love affair with Busan, and I found myself flying or taking a train to that laid back, beach city three times (or was it four?) within the first year. Once that year ended though, it was good-bye to Busan, and hello to never traveling there. (I have no idea why.)

Until this weekend.

It had been more than two years. But I came back Busan, I came back.

The purpose of the trip was to visit my old small group leader, Kelly, who moved down to Busan with nine other people from our church- New Philadelphia– to start-up a church plant in the south. We ate food, we laughed, we met people on the beach (person, I met one person- but she was lovely), we cooked tacos, we noraebanged, we. loved. it.

cue pictures

view from Kelly’s apartment (above). I know, right?


what? girls like shopping. it’s a well-known fact.


(above photo credit to eun byul)

All the ladies ^^

Until next time Busan, because oh- there will be a next time!


6 thoughts on “hello again, Busan.

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love Busan too…it has a totally different vibe than Seoul and it’s just lovely. It reminds me of San Francisco actually. Anyway, amajeeng pictures! 🙂

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