the boyfriend

I was chatting with a co-worker today, he wanted an update on the boyfriend situation.

In my classroom.

You see, I was home-schooled (shocking, I know), and I had no idea that relationships started as young kindergarten. I really didn’t know!

Near the beginning of the school year, Remi (just made up that name) told me that she had two boyfriends. TWO? I asked her, shocked, then I informed her that normally, you only have one boyfriend. She didn’t seem bothered by this.

Here’s the thing, originally she had a huge crush on Jeffy (remember, names are all made up) and decided she was his girlfriend without him even knowing  it (as many of us females still tend to do). Then… enter Jack, who decides that he really wants to be Remi’s boyfriend, and so she thinks, sure I will just have two.

After about a day or so, Jeffy is completely out of the picture— and seemed unphased by the whole ordeal (I am not even sure if he knew it happened, in fact I am almost positive he had NO IDEA)— and it was Remi and Jack, boyfriend and girlfriend. I kept hearing, “I want to sit by my girlfriend.” and, “Ms. Welton I drew this for Jack, because he is my boyfriend.”

Is anyone else shocked by this? KINDERGARTEN.

It’s not over… because this week, after about a month of bliss, Remi has decided that she has had enough. Jack said something mean and Remi responded with, “Well fine, you are not my boyfriend anymore.”

Jack’s face immediately changes, “What? Why? We are fine. We are fine!” And he refuses to accept the break-up. He kept repeating the line, “We are fine” and threw in a couple of other phrases to encourage himself… I wasn’t about to be the one to break it to him. Remi was done. Then, Jack changes tactics and says, “I am going to get a new girlfriend. And she is not going to be in this class!” After about five minutes though, I hear him call Remi his girlfriend again, can’t break the habit.

During snack time later that same afternoon one of my first-grade girls, Elly, who is Remi’s best friend, tried to explain to Jack that while, “Remi still likes you, she just wants to be your friend— not your girlfriend.” I heard this conversation from my desk and couldn’t help smiling. Elly was trying to be soft, but firm. Such a little adult.

It’s been three or four days since then, and Jack is still in denial— standing by Remi whenever he can, and putting his arm around her saying, “I want to sit by my girlfriend!” Today, after hearing it all week, I was the one to tell him. “Jack, Remi has made it very clear that, while she still wants to be your friend, she does NOT want to be your girlfriend. Okay?”

It was a sad smile, the one I received. Poor Jack. I am sure he will be okay on Monday.

In other news, Jeffy managed to open up the printing ink jar within the first ten minutes of school one day last week. He smeared black ink over the entirety of his two hands. He still had charcoal palms and fingers after three washings, they were stained the whole day. Didn’t phase him. Can’t keep a girlfriend I didn’t know I had, and I have stained black hands? Another day in the life of Jeffy.

I love Kindergarten.


6 thoughts on “the boyfriend

  1. Really sad that as a 5/6 year old they have to deal with the emotions most adults still struggle with…gotta love “Jeffy” though:)

    Love you! Mama K

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  2. Kids do some of the funniest things! Yesterday, Sofia was walking around with her stuffed Winnie the Pooh and then all of a sudden didn’t have it any more. I thought, she probably hid it somewhere, we’ll find it sooner or later. Well, sooner or later it was lunch time and I opened up the fridge to get lunch started and there, on the bottom shelf of the fridge, was Winnie the Pooh. 🙂 I took him out and told Sofia he couldn’t go in the fridge, it is too cold in there for him. 🙂 Okay mom! 🙂

  3. I probably never told you that I had a boyfriend in Kindergarten and another boy wanted to be my boyfriend. I’ll tell you the rest of the story the next time your home. I think your kids have got to be the most blessed children on the planet because they have you who will lovingly tell them that tells them the truth and gently lets them down.

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