collin + megan = engagement photos!

I am not a professional photographer by any means. I know this. But I AM a photographer, and I love it when my hobby allows me to bless people.

Not only have I been able to take family pictures for the Cammaratas (who are private people, so I didn’t put their pics up anywhere), old co-workers of mine, before they left Korea to go back to California, and took their adorable two boys with them, and left a gaping hole in my heart… Anyway, this summer I also got to take my best friends (I use no apostrophe because both Stef and Joe are best buds of mine!) maternity pictures, as well as my  brother’s senior pics.

This time around I got to bless my roomie, Megan! I am so excited for her and Collin, who both also happen to be my co-workers this year. Our other roommate Judith came too, and got some AMAZING shots with her Nikon (hey, hey fellow nikon lovers!), I think my next lens purchase will definitely be a 50 mm, like the one she has. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my sigma 30 mm. Which is what I used to shoot the majority of these pictures.

Megan picked out an amazing place in Seoul to take the pictures, near Yeoido… I can’t remember the name of the park area, but it was beautiful! I want to go back.

Here are my personal favorite shots from the late afternoon/evening:    I don’t know what it is about the above picture, but I am obsessed. The fact that Megan is smiling and Collin is serious? Or the bright colors? I don’t know, I love it. (The blanket they are lying on is one I brought back from Nepal, so beautiful!)


Megan and Collin will be tying the knot this December, congratulations you two!


8 thoughts on “collin + megan = engagement photos!

  1. I also love the one of them on the blanket from Nepal. It’s my favorite! You’re right! There is something about it that is captivating! 🙂 You’re so gifted Mel and I love it! 🙂

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