Honoring my Dad

My dad is the man.

Growing up, I never wanted to disappoint him. He very, very rarely yelled— and never yelled at me. But what he did do… what he DID do, was give me The Look, as me and my siblings came to call it. If you did something wrong, and you got The Look from Dad, it was equivalent to getting a thousand spankings (and trust me when we were younger, we got our fair share of spankings too^^), or being yelled at in the deepest volume… that was how The Look felt… in my mind, anyway.

When I got The Look from Dad I knew that I did something wrong, that I disappointed him in some way, that I made a bad decision, that I should have known better… The Look made me feel guilt, and shame. But it also made me determined to do better. The only reason I got The Look was because my dad believed I could do better, and if he believed I could do better, then I better believe it too. His discipline was grace. He disciplined me to make me a better person.

When I think of my Dad, I think of a father who has always shown me love. I also think about how hilariously funny my dad is. He has those one liners that just stick. He is witty that one! He can also fix anything, and he can build anything. Once he decided that he needed more space for all of his tools, and within a week there was a shed in our backyard. Another time, he drove all the way from Middleville to Kalamazoo to rescue his five daughters from a popped tire (no one I knew was in town because it was a holiday… so who did we call? Daddy!), thinking about it now— I should have learned how to change a tire. Thank goodness my dad always has my back! I am not sure he would fly to Korea to fix a flat tire though… good thing I don’t drive here.

I am reflecting about my Dad today because it is his birthday (in the states still okay! October 20th…).

I had already planned to skype with my parents and youngest brother this morning (as I like to do on Sunday before I go to church), and I TOTALLY forgot it was his birthday. He had to tell me (and he told me without giving me The Look too!). I never want to forget my dad’s birthday again. Him being on earth, his life, has taught me how to love. The way he loves my mother, and the way he loves me— it is a reflection of the way God loves me, and the way God loves the church.

I am so blessed to be able to call Timothy James Welton my father. I love you Daddy!

Me with my daddy at my childhood best friend’s wedding this summer, he is such a good sport!


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