37 years and counting!

My last post was all about my dad, because as I said— he is the man. Well, every year, five days after he celebrates his birthday, my parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. This past week marked 37 years of marriage for them.

I am so incredibly blessed to have my mom and my dad in my life. They brought me up in a home full of love and faith, and the honor they show each other constantly spilled over into the unity with which they raised me (and eight other children!). I had no idea how unique my family was until I started traveling, and living abroad, and meeting so many people with all different kinds of family backgrounds. My parents are a rarity.

I cannot wait to share and see the generational blessings my parents have given me to my children, and them to their children.

Thank you Dad. Thank you Mom. For your love, for your support, for your faith, for making mistakes and learning from them, for being more in love now than ever before, for still going on dates, for opening up your home to so many others and making them a part of our family (it can NEVER be too big!), for your sacrifices, for your financial support when I needed it, for your wisdom, for your openness, for sharing your younger selves with me, and for your steadiness… you are constants in my life, and for that I am so very grateful.



4 thoughts on “37 years and counting!

  1. Melody, it is a true joy to see grow in the Lord and hear how you share your joy with your students. We are so proud of you,Mom Love You Melody , Dad

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