When it rains, it pours… hamburgers!

Last Saturday I had the privilege of being able to help out at a flea market that the children’s home where John-Michael (head and founder of Jerusalem Ministry) has been volunteering at since he arrived in Korea over six years ago (has it been seven yet?!). They hold this flea market every year and sell clothes/toys/food, all donated to raise money for the children’s home! This year they really wanted an “American” food booth, so naturally they asked John-Michael to gather his white volunteers/friends and grill up some hamburgers (talk about American, right?). I tell you what, they were some mighty fine burgers if I do say so myself. And I say so.

I woke up that Saturday morning completely taken back by the torrential downpour outside my window (I tend to forget to check the weather), and prayed that people would still come out to the flea market. I have to hand it to the Koreans, they are persistent! The rain? Pssshhh, that didn’t stop them from getting some great deals and supporting the children.

I was able to snap some shots, praise the Lord for tents and umbrellas!

        This is JM (John-Michael). If I remember correctly,  the sign says “cooked by the handsome JM.” hehe, so fitting. Love your heart for the orphans John-Michael!


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