Online class turned into match-making for friendships?

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from my mom. She is in the process of getting her masters in Nursing Education, and noticed in one of her online classes that she has a classmate based in Seoul. She messaged her, explaining that she had a daughter (that’s me!) who teaches there, and while knowing that Seoul is a ginormous city— maybe we lived near each other? The classmate, Jenny, wrote back- delighted for a random connection, and mentioned she lived in Itaewon. My mom relayed this information to me, and I said, “Wow, Mom, I live in Itaewon!”

As the communication continues, it turns out that Jenny’s husband works at YISS, the international school just up the road from where I work… and neither Jenny nor I actually live in Itaewon (it is just a landmark location), in actuality we BOTH live in Bogwang-dong. As Jenny and I started e-mailing each other, we realized that my apartment is in her backyard (well, if we had backyards in Korea). There is only a boys high school that separates us.

Excited by such a random connection we made plans to have dinner. Then Jenny throws it out there that she has a car and a pass to get onto base (for those of you who don’t know, the Yongsan Military Base is very close to my new location in the city, and going on base, is like going to AMERICA!) because she was in the airforce (no big deal). She asked if I wanted to have dinner there. Obviously there was no hesitation on my part— if only we both had the right to buy food on base (we walked by a store where reeses peanut butter cups were screaming my name, and the idea of all the cereal options had my mouth-watering), but you have to actually be in the military to buy that stuff, or something.

My date with Jenny was the start of a beautiful friendship, and I can thank my mother for introducing me to such a fantastic person. We chatted easily over dinner for two hours, went shopping (I mean, it’s a must), and then sat in her car by my apartment for another hour and a half…we just couldn’t stop talking (I know— y’all are finding this so hard to believe, me? A chatterbox? Nooooo).

My mom asked for documentation of the evening, I think she was just as excited for us to meet as we were πŸ™‚

We both bought shoes in this store, we are already such a great influence to each other.

The day after we had our first date I was wearing my new shoes and walking home from work when I decided to buy some leggings on the side of the road (they sell anything and everything on the side of the road here). All of the sudden I hear, “Melody!” And who is driving by? My new friend, Jenny! Haha, that would happen in this small,small city ^^. Such a divine appointment meeting her.

Thanks Mom!



6 thoughts on “Online class turned into match-making for friendships?

  1. Only God could have arranged such an amazing connection. I’m so happy for you and Jenny.It makes me miss you more. It sounds like the beginning of a great friendship and the opportunity to eat American candy. Keep me posted and thanks for posting a picture of you two. I love being able to put a face to anyone from my online class! I’m glad I could facilitate a random act of shopping and eating. Be blessed. MISS YOU SO MUCH!

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