Thanks Across the Ocean

There is a game my students play called, “Ships across the ocean”, and the jingle goes, “Ships across the ocean, ships across the sea— captain, captain you can’t catch me.” It just popped in my head when I wrote the title of this post.

          this image is by K over at A Place to Dwell, I absolutely love it!

I wrote a letter today to my people back in America, my family and friends. A thousand thanks to you (you know who you are), on this Thanksgiving Day.


Thank-you for loving me,
Thank-you for believing in me,
Thank-you for knowing me,
Thank-you for challenging me to be a better person,
Thank-you for believing that I can be that better person,
Thank-you for giving me second and third and fourth chances,
Thank-you for being proud of me,
Thank-you for remembering me,
Thank-you for sending me random “thinking of you” messages,
Thank-you for your intentional  words of support,
Thank-you for missing me, and telling me that you do,
Thank-you for giving me the strength to live away from you.

The holidays are never the easiest time to be away from family. But I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for the life that I have, and knowing that I am so loved. Remember to be thankful every day, not just today!


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