Letting Go Hurts!

It is so hard to let go sometimes. Like, really hard. And I fought for you. I fought for you for a long time. Your snaps broke, and your straps wore thin, and still I fought for you. I even fought for you as you started to lose your skin.

Then, I had the decency to become embarrassed when I realized just how bad you started to look. I wore you backwards to hide the worst of it. I explained our situation, yours and mine, to my roommate. “I just can’t let go! It fits everything, it is my Mary Poppins bag!” She took one look at you and said, “Oh, Melody— it’s time to let go.”

Out with the old and on with the new. It was so hard for me, that I even found a bag with a similar color, so it wouldn’t be too much of a shock. But I will miss you, Mary Poppins Bag. I already do.

She really wouldn’t have lasted much longer, eh?

On sale at H & M! Only 13 bucks baby ^^.


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