Goodbye Glasses

It’s time.

To FINALLY say goodbye.

Tomorrow I am getting LASEK surgery to correct my vision.

I was sitting in band in sixth or seventh grade when, one day, I realized that I couldn’t see the music notes anymore. I will never forget the first day I put on a pair of glasses. I looked out the window and saw the bright red K-Mart sign across the street. I almost cried. On the way home I looked out the window and gasped…”Mom! There are LEAVES on those trees over there!”

Getting my first pair of glasses, to be able to see again, it was a huge blessing, but I thank God for giving us the brains to find more ways to correct vision. I will never. ever. miss my glasses. I was a little bit surprised at how many people asked me, “Won’t you miss your glasses?” People have come to see them as extension of me, part of who I am. Which makes sense, since I have worn them for over 14 years.

I wasn’t surprised when I realized the majority of those people have never worn glasses, or wear contacts. I thought of all the reasons why I will never miss my glasses. Some are silly, some are things you would never think about if you can see, and all contribute to my answer to my friends, “NO! I will never miss my glasses.”, and most would be considered “first-world problems” but here are the reasons:

(In no particular order)

  • Glasses give me zero peripheral vision.
  • Glasses fog up when weather changes (like when I got from the cold into a warm building).
  • Glasses always get dirty, and I have to clean them or look through the scratches and spots.
  • Glasses don’t allow me to hug people who are taller than me (almost everyone) properly, I have to turn my head all funny in order for them not to jam into my face— and I LOVE HUGS.
  • I can’t shower with glasses, so I shower blind (shaving blind? never a good idea).
  • I can’t see anything when I first wake up, I can’t WAIT for when I get to open my eyes and see what time it is without holding my phone a millimeter away from my face.
  • It is annoying to watch movies while laying on the couch with glasses.
  • Glasses are uncomfortable, and slide down your face, especially when you run (like to catch the bus, not for fun— I don’t do that).
  • No more glasses shining over my eyes in pictures (we all know how much I love pictures).
  • I never have to worry about breaking another pair of glasses, or finding my glasses when I take my contacts out before I remember where I put them. Sometimes I have had to put my contacts back in to find my glasses.
  • Crying while wearing glasses… is very difficult (must be why I stopped doing it so much^^). Soon, I can just CRY.

And finally… I have never, ever, ever had anyone tell me that I look better with my glasses on, than without them (and I think some people really do look better with glasses). This. Is a fact.

goodbye, farewell, see you LATER, glasses…

DSC_0559  DSC_0561DSC_0563



One thought on “Goodbye Glasses

  1. Those are great reasons! I never thought of the whole showering blind/shaving blind one…that would be totally annoying. And also waking up in the morning not being able to see and well, ALL of those reasons are good reasons to not miss your glasses! I’m SO happy for you friend! Looking forward to reading about how it all went!

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