On Resting

I really had no idea how hard it was for me to get actual, productive, REST. Being productive to me is doing the 101 things on my “To-Do” List that I make every morning, and getting immense satisfaction when I get to cross them off one by one (I seriously beam with every scratched through line I make).

God has been speaking to me (directly and through other people) for MONTHS on taking rest, and the importance of it. It is so easy to forget about rest when you live in Seoul. This city has an extreme case of the Korean “Bali, Bali” (bali translated to English means “hurry”) lifestyle. People are constantly on the go.

After my LASEK surgery, I was literally forced to rest as my eyes healed. In fact, they are still healing, and there are times when I have to stop what I am doing and just sit with my eyes closed for ten minutes. During which, I am thinking about all the things I need to do. I have to stop myself and remember that I don’t “need” to do most of those things RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Rest. It is so very important. It is healthy for your body, it brings clarity for your mind… it fuels creativity. Rest is good.


In other news I went to my favorite Indian restaurant (Everest, yum yum yum) in Seoul during my time of rest. SO GOOD, I took a picture.



3 thoughts on “On Resting

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  2. Sweet daughter you teach others without even trying, and first off you are teaching yourself the beauty and joy of RESTING… love you

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