On Needing Change

It happens all the time with women and their hair. You love it long, but you cut it short. “I needed a change.”

I am feeling that way about my blog right now. I just needed something new. Though I love this free theme by WordPress (it’s called Balloons, appropriately named, yes?), I still wish that I could insert my niece’s pictures instead of the cutesy floating balloons, but I really do love the balloons. I chose this theme for me right now because:

a) I don’t want to pay for all the awesome premiums ones I saw

b) I love the font

c) I wanted a one-column look. Clean, simple, fun!

So. What do you think about my change? Yes? No? Then again, I don’t like negative things so only tell me yes! Haha…

OH! And I almost forgot to mention, I finally purchased my domain and made myself a (dot)com. Surprisingly, spitonthestreet wasn’t taken yet. This was a big step for me, so please no need to hold your applause.



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