on my walk home

I went for my one month eye check-up today. The doctor was very encouraged by what he saw, he told me the reason it was so painful for me was because my heals healed really well, and all the crying I did helped them. Oh, well that’s good. I am just glad it is OVER.

On my way home I headed over to the other side of town and went to an awesome store, Hellography, that sold cameras and camera straps, holy cow— I could have stayed there forever.

Then, on my walk from the subway I saw a stove throwing sparks. It had died down by the time I whipped out my camera so my shots were not as awesome as they could have been. These coals are used for Korean BBQs. They put the coals in the middle of the table and you cook your meat over them. Possibly, one of my favorite things about Korea!

DSC_0129 DSC_0132

I love flames. Even after the bonfire incident when a spark flew in my eye. That pain was nothing now that I have had LASEK.




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