Imagination Station

“Think of the art that we haven’t seen, the jobs that haven’t been created, and the productivity that hasn’t been imagined because generations have been persuaded not to dream big.”

This is the most recent line I read from Seth Godin’s manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams”. I blog about the book briefly on my educational blog, Two Apples A Day.

Today I gave my students ten minutes to ask me ANY question they could think of. They asked a lot of questions about North Korea, they asked me how old I was (I didn’t say I would answer all the questions!), and they asked about God. At the end of the day I ransacked my room and put a bunch of random stuff in the middle of our big classroom table (coffee filters, popsicle sticks, bingo stampers, straws, markers, crayons, glue sticks, tape, colored fuzz balls, etc). I told my children to make whatever they wanted. It was so cute, and a little sad, at how long it took them to really get into the assignment. They were excited, but also full of questions. “What do I make?” “Can I make more than one thing?” “What should I use?”

One of my students made a beautiful flower, another student made a metal detector (‘To find treasure!”), another student made a face, there was a ‘spy glass’,  fry pan (that was also a phone), and other things that I forgot! I can’t wait to do this more in the future. I want my students to create things that don’t exist yet, and to use their imagination!

face flower metal detector phonefrypanandmuchmore

I love my students.



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